Print & Typography

Team: Solo project

Project Duration: 4 weeks (Jan 2021)

Tools: Photoshop, InDesign, HTML, CSS, Javascript

Deliverables: 3 printed zines, website


These three, 8-page zines contains deconstructed pieces from USA Today’s newspaper article titled, “Bling Empire gives Asian Americans time to shine”. Asian culture can be incredibly private and finding space to discuss taboo or “shameful” topics can be a challenge within certain Asian communities. Parallel to this, is the idea that those who identify as Asian-American may struggle to find space where their intersection of cultures is understood and respected. Through cut-out treatments of image and text that emphasize removal of eyes and mouths, this series highlights the themes of censorship, finding your own voice, creating space for two racial identities to coexist within one individual, and asking others to accommodate the entirety of who you are.