Product Design/Branding

Team: Solo project

Project Duration: 4 weeks (September 2021)

Tools: Illustrator, Photoshop

Deliverables: User research, flexible brand identity system, style guide, package design


Adddapt is a mood and health enhancing coffee add-in company for cutting-edge, health-conscious coffee drinkers who want to feel focused and calm. Adddapt is different because we are the only reliable, ethically-sourced distributor of organic CBD, GABA, and L-theanine for coffee. 

Consumers are increasingly paying attention to specific ingredients. They believe drinking a beverage for the sake of drinking is a waste of time. They are looking for functional foods to contribute to their holistic wellbeing, and prioritizing mental health now more than ever. 82% of global consumers now identify mental and emotional health as just as important to wellbeing as physical health. 

Many of these health-conscious individuals are forgoing coffee due to mental health reasons, such as managing anxiety. But what if coffee-drinkers didn't have to sacrifice their favorite beverage in order to feel focused and calm?


CBD, L-theanine, and GABA make caffeine better. CBD neutralizes effects of caffeine withdrawal by managing adenosine (A1) receptors that are inhibited by coffee. L-theanine enhances focus with caffeine. fMRI scans show improved cognitive accuracy, alertness, and speed. GABA decreases caffeine-induced stress. A biomarker of stress was reduced by 75% in those who had coffee with GABA vs. water.